Sunshine Coast Women’s Adventure Group (SWAG)
SWAG was formed many years ago to enable women of all ages (18 to 100+) to participate in physical or social activities with other women with the same interests. It’s always easier and more fun with a group, as alone, we often don’t get involved in things we would like to try. Activities are usually held on the last Sunday of the month and during the year we have a couple of weekends away. An annual calendar is circulated by email each year. We have a wide range of activities, such as water sports, bushwalks, archery, golf, camping, abseiling, etc - and new ideas are always welcome. We usually have a picnic lunch or visit a local eatery on the day. There are no joining fees or membership fees - the only costs are for the activities themselves, and we ensure that each year contains a range of activities to suit all budgets. You only participate in activities that appeal to you, but we do like to see you more often than not. We are a fun group of women Activities for 2017: Sunday 29th January - Self Defense at Warana Sunday 26th February - Stand up Paddling at Noosa Sunday 19th March - Water skiing on Somerset Dam Sunday 30th April - Kayaking on Mary River Sunday 28th May - Everglades Afternoon Tea Cruise at Noosa Sunday 25th June - Walk (location to be advised) Sunday 30th July - Croquet (location to be advised) Friday 25th & Saturday 26th August - Stradbroke Island weekend Sunday 24th September - Abseil (location to be advised) Sunday 29th October - Redland Bay Island Hoping Sunday 26th November - Planning Meeting at Coolum
  • Group / organisation name:
    Sunshine Coast Women’s Adventure Group (SWAG)
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    The Secretary
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