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Pay and apply

From rates to infringements, parking permits to animal registration, this is a one-stop-shop for all payment and permit applications.


Changing your name or address


Pay your rates by instalments


Registration renewals

Wedding rings resting on rose

Event permits: application for weddings, ceremonies and events

Learn more



Tree clearing on private property

A permit may be needed from council to remove protected vegetation on private property, including cutting down trees.

Armed services memorial

pay and apply 

Memorials and plaques in open spaces

Find information on council's Memorials and Plaques Policy, guidelines and the process for applying to council for a memorial or plaque in open spaces.


pay and apply 

Parking permits

Parking permits, including pre-paid permits, are available from council. Find out more.

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    Make a payment online

    Pay your rates, animal registrations, applications, license renewals, debtor accounts, or infringements online.

  • Rates notice


    Rates payments, instalments, changing address, council levies, information about how your rates are calculated and principal place of residence.

  • Dog%20and%20cat.jpg

    Cat and dog registrations

    Council issues an annual registration renewal notice for each registered animal. Make your registration payments online via council's payment gateway, MyCouncil.

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    Event permits

    If you want to hold a wedding, ceremony or event in a park, on a beach or other council land, you need a permit from council

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    Parking, roads and footpaths

    Find information on disability parking permits, and parking and footpath permits and infringements

  • 1B0EB867-5B30-4A17-BE91-3724B228CE54

    Parks and open spaces

    Approvals for naming a park, memorials and plaques and use of banners on roadsides

  • FEC4937A-9E1F-44A0-9492-9D69F792D03C

    Tree and vegetation management

    Find out about cutting down trees, tree clearing, planting, vegetation management on council land and what you can do about trees overhanging your property

  • 70EB5D8F-12FF-4B68-9405-AE76B3CD5C80

    Infringement notices and payments

    Find payment options for parking infringement notices, and when infringement notices can be withdrawn.

  • Changing%20your%20name%20or%20address.png

    Changing your name or address

    When a property in the region is sold, council receives details of new owners. The details include a postal address for notices

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    Application, license renewals and debtor payments

    You can make an application payment, license renewal payment or debtor account payment on line by logging on to MyCouncil.

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    Fees and charges

    Search the adopted fees and charges register for council for the current financial year.

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    Login to MyCouncil

    Login to MyCouncil to access your personal dashboard and keep up-to-date with your rates, registrations and requests.