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Local government infrastructure plan and charges

The LGIP identifies council’s plans for trunk infrastructure that is necessary to service urban development at the desired standard of service in a coordinated, efficient and financially sustainable manner.

Council adopted the local government infrastructure plan (LGIP) on 14 June 2018 and it commenced on 29 June 2018. An interim LGIP amendment was adopted by Council 27th July 2023, and commenced 4th September 2023.

The LGIP and LGIP maps are part of the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014.

In accordance with the Minister's Guidelines and Rules 2020 the following documents are available for inspection and purchase:

LGIP extrinsic material

Stormwater network
Stormwater network - background information (PDF, 395KB)
Toral Drive and Jorl Court, Buderim master plan drainage study (PDF, 55.31MB)
SCC local government infrastructure plan (stormwater) supporting material (PDF, 308.53KB)
Transport - roads network
Sunshine Coast transport analysis technical note February 2017 (PDF, 4.06MB)
Transport - active transport network
Background information - active transport network (PDF, 22.68KB)
Sunshine Coast active transport plan 2011-2031 (PDF, 19.33MB)
2015/16 LGIP and capital works strategic pathways and on-road cycle facilities subprogram criteria (PDF, 48.78KB)
Parks and land for community facilities network
Background information for public parks network (PDF, 333KB)
Background information for land for community facilities network (PDF, 220KB)
Parks standard embellishment cost - LGIP 2016 (PDF, 71.54KB)
Environment and Liveability Strategy 2017 part C - network plan (PDF, 14.62MB)
Sunshine Coast sport and active recreation plan 2011-2026 June 2016 edition (PDF, 7.34MB)
Sunshine Coast social infrastructure strategy 2011 - August 2014 edition (superseded by Environment and Liveability Strategy 2017)
Sunshine Coast cemetery plan 2012-2027 (PDF, 4.78MB)
Sunshine Coast libraries plan 2014-2024 (PDF, 1.69MB)
Open space landscape infrastructure manual
Schedule of works model, planning assumptions and general
Department of Transport and Main Roads advice (PDF, 154.18KB)
Unitywater advice (PDF, 148.93KB)
Roads and bridges unit rates from FAIM (finance asset information module) (XLSX, 1.88MB)
Parks unit rates from FAIM (finance asset information module) (XLSX, 20.78MB)
Generic land valuations by CBRE valuations (PDF, 4.5MB)
Compliance long term financial forecast (PDF, 74.99KB)
Compliance long term asset management plan (PDF, 122.6KB)
Background information for planning assumptions - October 2017 (PDF, 708.58KB)

More information

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