Infrastructure contributions rebates policy

The policy allows for infrastructure charges rebates for organisations providing community service facilities.

Council has adopted amendments to the infrastructure charges rebates for community organisations (PDF, 374KB) policy.

The policy recognises that community organisations operate a range of facilities and programs. These facilities provide valuable community services for residents of the region. Government would otherwise be providing these services at significant cost. Infrastructure charges rebates support theses services by ensuring funds remain with the organisation.

In summary, the main changes to the policy are:

  • non-state schools are no longer eligible for a 50% rebate. This recognises that non-State schools have an alternative option  for infrastructure charges exemption. Infrastructure charges do not apply to development by a non-State school under a designation
  • lifesaving clubs are now included as community, sporting or recreation organisations
  • clarification that rebates apply based on the use approved by a development permit. Ancillary uses are include with the primary use
  • social, entertainment and liquor facilities no longer qualify for a 30% rebate. Such commercial operations are self-funded and do not qualify as a community service. Applying rebates for such uses is inconsistent with the policy's purpose
  • provide a guide and examples on uses and services that qualify for a rebate
  • simplify and reduce duplication of the policy content
  • An infrastructure charges rebate application form is now provided. A request for rebate must include a completed form with supporting documentation.

Applying for an infrastructure charges rebate

Where possible, applications for rebate are to be submitted with a development application. A rebate application is to include:

  1. A completed infrastructure charges rebate application form
  2. Documentation that validates an applicant's eligibility as a community organisation
  3. Supporting information that demonstrates how the proposed development complies with the policy.

More information

For more information on the application of the policy please contact via email [email protected].