Gulung Gung (Quota Park Ext) Community Nature Conservation Project
A bush and habitat regeneration project around a large open space in central Nambour. Surrounded by commercial properties, schools and open space, Petrie Ck winds along one side and a small tributary contributes to the riparian scene. Several organisations contribute to the total project. Our group volunteers under the Sunshine Coast Council funded CNC scheme where we provide volunteer time to do the work, and SCC provides equipment, expertise, consumables and insurance. A major attraction is the opportunity to learn about the environment from the diverse skills of those who attend. All good info to use at your place. A cuppa and chat afterwards is a highlight. Staff / Regular VolunteersCurrently 1-20 members / staff. We reach: Currently 51-1000 people Volunteer with us: Outdoor activities, weeding, planting and maintaining local native plants in forest environment. Dev We specifically work with: Anyone Outdoor activities for people of all capabilities from strenuous to sedentary tasks.
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    Gulung Gung (Quota Park Ext) Community Nature Conservation Project
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    Norman Morwood
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