Yandina Community Gardens
Yandina Community Gardens (YCG) vision is to be a knowledge and demonstration hub for sustainable living. Therefore we are dedicated to learning and transferring knowledge to people on things such as growing their own organic food and living more sustainably through the use of Permaculture principles. Established in 2002, we believe we are all guardians of a more sustainable earth and to this end our gardens and the Blue House demonstrate Permaculture, organic food production and sustainable living. Visitors can learn through observation and regular structured activities (e.g., guided garden tours, workshops, hands-on learning through volunteering). We embrace a collective community garden model rather than an individual plot model – we sow together, grow together & harvest together. Our Volunteers value YCG as an avenue of support, connection and belonging. As a community group we value; biodiversity, equality, Inclusion, mutual respect for each other & all living things and living lightly on the earth We look forward to meeting you when you visit, volunteer at the garden or keeping in contact via our monthly newsletters.
  • Group / organisation name:
    Yandina Community Gardens
  • Contact person:
    Lissa Evans
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