The Joining Gathering
The Joining is held at the spring equinox, when day (the masculine) and night (the feminine) are in perfect balance. This balance between the masculine and feminine within and between us is the necessary foundation upon which we can build a more sustainable and nurturing culture. The Joining is a pebble in the vast pond of our society, whose effects ripple out into the world. The Joining brings opening and harmony to those who attend and through us to our loved ones and all those we encounter in life. Three days of inner work, dance, music, meditation, ceremony, Eldership, workshops, cabaret, conscious development and great vegetarian food in beautiful Ewan Maddock Dam Reserve, Sunshine Coast, QLD. Operated under the auspices of the 'not for profit' organisation the Very Good Company. ACN 165 227 207 We specifically work with: Anyone Folk interested in developing sustainable communities, gender, personal growth & self understanding.