TOUGHLOVE Parent Support Groups - Sunshine Coast
TOUGHLOVE Groups offer weekly self-help support, education, and information for parents, who are concerned about their adolescent/adult child's unacceptable behaviour. Problematic behaviour may range from disrespect, to physical violence; skipping classes, to being expelled; internet obsession, to drug addiction; from refusing to go to bed, to refusing to get up; coming home late, to not coming home at all; ignoring rules at home, to breaking the law; and all sorts of problems in between. Groups are run by parents, for parents and follow a time-tested Program. Parents are asked to attend a minimum of six consecutive meetings. Those who do so, say that they feel less stressed, more confident, and more effective when dealing with problem behaviour and can see positive changes reflected in their child's improving conduct. Many parents stay on longer, to consolidate their successes. Staff / Regular Volunteers: Currently 1-20 members / staff. We reach: Currently under 50 people Fees / Subscriptions: Yes - Joining fee includes TOUGHLOVE Parent Manual, Workbook and membership of TOUGHLOVE QLD. We specifically work with: Families, Men, Women For parents and carers (of young people aged 10-adult) who want to create positive change.
  • Group / organisation name:
    TOUGHLOVE Parent Support Groups - Sunshine Coast
  • Contact person:
    Meredith Jordan
  • Telephone:
    07 37155567
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