STEPS Group Australia
STEPS Group Australia (STEPS) is a vibrant, charitable not-for-profit community organisation focused on creating positive change in our communities. STEPS seeks to foster greater inclusiveness in Australian communities by recognising the value of all people. Through our core services of Employment and Education & Training, we enable individuals and communities to take confident steps forward and create opportunities to help people towards independence. As an active charity, STEPS are also constantly looking for opportunities to partner with the local business community. STEPS is about 'people', recognising their value and more importantly assisting everyone, regardless of their circumstances, to contribute more to their community. Staff / Regular Volunteers: Currently over 100 members / staff. We reach: Currently over 1000 people Volunteer with us: We specifically work with: Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders, Adults, Families, Multicultural People, Older People, People with a Disability, Youth