Noosa Shire Arts and Crafts Inc
ACTIVITY GROUPS We have more than 24 arts and crafts groups meeting on a regular basis to create together, and share skills and knowledge with each other. There is a brief description and contact details for each of these groups in the following pages. To join, simply make contact with the group leader who is also the person to whom you can address any concerns or queries throughout the year. Alternatively, you can contact a member of the Management Committee – their contact details are available through the office. We always welcome new ideas and initiatives. MEMBERSHIP & ACTIVITY FEES Your annual membership fee entitles you to attend any activity group within Noosa Arts & Crafts Association. This membership fee is renewable annually at the end of June. An activity fee of $2 is payable each time you attend an activity group meeting. All fees are an essential part of our funding as, although Wallace House is owned by Noosa Council, Noosa Arts & Crafts is not-for-profit organisation and is responsible for all the costs of running and maintaining the premises.Some groups have additional fees for materials, models etc. WORKSHOPS Workshops are one of our main sources of revenue. We select experienced tutors and teachers to run workshops and tutorials throughout the year. These not only attract new members but are also a source of development for our members. We encourage learning and sharing of new skills in all areas of art and craft. Activity Groups We have a wide range of art & craft activity groups regularly meeting at Wallace House. Most groups require little or no experience to join. Check out the website for more information.