LoveHeart Healing & Meditation Yoga
Love Heart Meditation is the simple act of placing attention to your heart in a very special way and it starts with the breath. The breath is the fuel of your consciousness. The breath bridges the gap between your body and your spirit-soul. It connects you to your higher-self allowing love to naturally flow through you—a transmission of light. Your heart then begins to function as your existence. You are for the first time alive; breathing the breath of light & love into your whole being—a miracle of living is there, arising within you. A deep silence ensues–the mind is still. We specifically work with: Anyone, Adults Meditation is necessary for everyone. Generally though, adults need it more than children
  • Group / organisation name:
    LoveHeart Healing & Meditation Yoga
  • Contact person:
    Paul Seip
  • Telephone:
    0434 244 404
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