Inclusive Kids
The Inclusive Kids Community Grants Fund aims to assist children who are disadvantaged, by providing small grants to assist with their day to day care or to purchase items that will create better inclusion in community life for these children. This Grants Fund is open to individuals aged 0 – 18 years who live in one of the various areas in which the Grants Fund operates. We believe the grants we make are an investment, not only in the future of the individual, but in the future of their communities as a whole. The concept has been developed for members of the community living with a disadvantage and who are not eligible for other forms of funding. Funds are collected through a number of fundraising and sponsorship activities. Funds raised are directed towards programs that provide group support for a family to care for their child. Volunteer with us We specifically work with: Anyone
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    Inclusive Kids
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    Deboraa Neaves
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