Hinterland Bush Links
Our vision is to ensure the long-term conservation of all native plants and animals in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland by protecting, restoring and connecting habitat. Our plan: We support public and private landholders to protect and restore their land, and to create habitat connections with their neighbours. This includes people with urban backyards through to those with large blocks and farms. These wildlife corridors enable native animals and plants to access more habitat and adapt to climate change. For more information, contact Susie Duncan ph 0448 447 322 Email: wilderness@hotkey.net.au . Events: www.barunglandcare.org.au .Staff / Regular Volunteers: Currently 2 staff and 270 members. We reach: Currently 2000 people Volunteer with us. We specifically work with: Anyone, public & private landholders & community groups. Staff / Regular Volunteers: Currently 1-20 members / staff. We reach: Currently 51-1000 people Volunteer with us We specifically work with: Anyone, Public & private landholders & community groups
  • Group / organisation name:
    Hinterland Bush Links
  • Contact person:
    Susie Duncan
  • Telephone:
    0448 447 322
  • Email: