Forest Way Zen

Zen Buddhist Meditation practice taught by authorised Zen Teacher. Seven sittings per week.

The Forest Way Zen was established in 1989 and is one of the oldest Zen Groups in Queensland, founded by Barry Farrin. Barry was made a teacher in 2004. The Forest Way Zen is a member of the Diamond Sangha which is the biggest Zen organisation in Australia. The group runs regular retreats and weekly sittings in a number of places on the Sunshine Coast. Forest Way Zen adheres to the traditions of the Soto Tradition of Japan. Students work with the teacher to perfect their practice of Zen meditation, residential Sesshin and Zazenkai (Retreats). New students are welcomed and are given a full introduction to Zen before they start their practice. Zen is very easy to learn and emphasises meditation, awakening and compassion for all living beings. You can attend an introduction day or come directly into our meeting. See our website for further information.

Fees / Subscriptions: Sometimes - All teaching is free, but Dana (voluntary gift of money) allows Forest Way Zen to continue its work. We specifically work with: Anyone People from all walks of life and all ages get great satisfaction from learning Zen meditation.