Compass Institute Inc.
In 2002 Compass followed its dream to develop a truly leading edge service for people with an intellectual and/or physical disability. The response from the community to a developmental and transition focused service has been overwhelming and the results for the young people accessing the service have been extraordinary. The Compass service has developed to incorporate several aspects… Education & Enrichment – further education and lifelong learning; Lifestyle services – community participation and living solutions; Training & Vocations – certified training, community enterprises and placements; Corporate Partnerships – working with the business community to mutual benefit. Staff / Regular Volunteers: Currently 21-100 members / staff. We reach: Currently 51-1000 people Volunteer with us We specifically work with: Adults, Families, Older People, People with a Disability, Women, Youth, Youth, Older People, People with a Disability, Women, Youth
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    Compass Institute Inc.
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    The Compass Institute Inc
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    07 5457 3716
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