Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
The Coastal Assassins Roller Derby (CARD) league is a not-for-profit sporting organisation dedicated to promoting flat track roller derby on the Sunshine Coast. As the Sunshine Coast’s premier, member-owned and operated roller derby league, it is our mission to maintain a competitive athletic program, promote the sport of roller derby, provide quality sports entertainment for our fans, and make a positive impact in our community. C= committed A= athletic R= respectful D= determined Our league programs and multiple teams embrace skaters of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds and strive to provide opportunity for our members to participate to their full potential. We value healthy competitive approaches to roller derby to ensure both skaters and fans get the most out of the sport. The best way to keep up with events, bouts and activities that CARD has going on is to join our Facebook page.… so come “Like” our page and get involved with flat track roller derby, the fastest growing female sport in Australia!!