Sunshine Orienteers
Mountain Bike Orienteering and Foot Orienteering are great sports for the whole family. Sunshine Orienteers welcomes all people, no matter what your age or skill level. The Sunshine Orienteers Club Inc. is a not for profit, orienteering club based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Mountain Bike Orienteering is exactly that, orienteering on a mountain bike. Using specially prepared maps, riders navigate a network of tracks to checkpoints. Each rider decides for themselves, the route they will take and the person who completes the course in the fastest is the winner. Adventure racers often utilise our 3 hour Score event as a fitness and navigational component of their training. We are a family orientated organisation and offer a recreational course for families, beginners and the not so fit. Visit our website for more information. Staff / Regular Volunteers: Currently 21-100 members / staff. We reach: Currently 51-1000 people Volunteer with us: Always looking for people to help set courses, collect controls. Fees / Subscriptions: Yes - It is a non for profit organisation and fees are charged to cover costs We specifically work withAdults, Men, Older People, Women, Youth
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    Sunshine Orienteers
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    Debbie Gordon
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