Montville State School
At Montville State School, we aim to provide a safe, positive, challenging and supportive educational environment for all students. Montville State School is a community school, we encourage open and effective communication among teaching staff, students and parents. We hope you will be as proud of our school and students as we are, and that the story of your child’s life at Montville State School is a story of excitement, adventure and joyous success. Montville is a small school with approximately 131 students, across seven classes. Our school is built amongst the forest of the Blackall Range in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Montville State School has been open since 1896. In recent years the school population has grown significantly and this is a result of a great curriculum and great teachers. Staff / Regular Volunteers: Currently 21-100 members / staff. We reach: Currently 51-1000 people Volunteer with us Fees / Subscriptions: Sometimes We specifically work with: Children, Families
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    Montville State School
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    Geoff Habel
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    07 5452 1333
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