Global Harmonies
Global Harmonies is a community based affair, everyone is welcome to join us and you do not need to audition to become a member. All we require is a willingness to have a go and be prepared to have some fun. We have been in operation for three years and have about 30 people. The material we cover is a capella (voice only - no instruments) and is a variety of world music including Hebrew, English, Gospel, Celtic, French, African. We also gather every couple of months as a group over lunch at a local café to welcome new members, catch up with folk that may be in a different section of the choir and generally create some light-hearted frivolity. When: Tuesdays from 12.30pm-2.30pm at the Bli Bli Community Hall.. Fees / Subscriptions: Yes - $12 per session We specifically work with: Anyone, Adults, Men, Older People, Women