Brightwater Community Association

A community group focussed on building community spirit and amenities.

In September 2011, a public meeting was held for residents to express interest in the formation of a Brightwater residents group. At this meeting a Steering Committee group was formed to develop a proposal for such an association for this community.

With a vision that the association be a hub for the community, focussed on fostering a great community spirit and ensuring the amenities of our community (the landscaping, parks, and public spaces), the Brightwater Community Association was established at the inaugural General Meeting of residents held on 3 December, 2011. A Management Committee of six members was elected.

The Rules of Association were approved by the membership at this meeting and subsequently the Certificate of Incorporation was issued pursuant to the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 and Association Incorporations Regulations 1999 on 13 January, 2012.

The objects of the association are -

1. To act as a voice for residents and owners of Brightwater about matters which effect our well-being and lifestyle - contributing to a safe and vibrant community. 2. To provide a forum for regular communication with members of our community - building a sense of belonging. 3. To co-ordinate events and activities that will help create community involvement and harmony. 4. To ensure the standard of presentation and ongoing amenity of our community.

Membership is open to everyone with an interest in Brightwater (including Hideaway Waters) – whether you live here, own property, operate a business or are employed in Brightwater – or simply are just a friend of Brightwater. There is no charge to join – and the benefits of participating in your community are many. There is strength in community, so please join and tell us what you love most about living here! Or how we can all improve our beautiful home