Ageless Grace with Vicki H
Ageless Grace was designed so that almost anyone of any age, ability, body type, size or with any physical challenge can participate and benefit from. The program consists of 21 simple tools that are easy to remember. Organic style movements that come naturally. They not only stimulate the body, but initiate a brain/body link that can positively affect attitude and increase cognitive function. The program works on all five functions of the brain as well as the 21 primary physical skills we need for ageing youthfully. It provides great maintenance for baby boomers, it's restorative for seniors and developmental for children. The program is designed to be as effective sitting in a chair as moving while standing up. Almost anyone from the very young through to ageing adults with different walking/standing assistance needs can benefit. Contact me for details. We specifically work with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders, Adults, Men, Multicultural People, Older People, People with a Disability, Women Great for baby boomers, seniors, and those that need support from a chair when moving.
  • Group / organisation name:
    Ageless Grace with Vicki H
  • Contact person:
    Vicki Howell
  • Telephone:
    0466 787 249
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