Stockyard Park & Environmental Reserve

This parkland features a playground, fitness station, barbecue and picnic shelter and extensive pathways throughout. Approximately half of the 4.7 hectares of parkland is dedicated to the Stockyard Park Environmental Reserve.

Stockyard Park & Environmental Reserve

The playground is located in picturesque hilltop parkland on the corner of Tall Trees Way and Ivadale Boulevard. As the name suggests, this park is surrounded by 'tall trees' - beautiful remnant gums encasing a grassed open space. This area also has a barbecue and picnic tables. The environmental reserve has a 250 metre sealed pathway that starts from the north side of this parkland emerging near the north end of Tall Trees Way.

Heading to north east down Ivadale Boulevard is another park open space and wetland which continues to Parklands Boulevard. There is a fitness station, park seating and a bridge over the wetland to a pathway along the western border of the environmental reserve.



Ivadale Boulevard, Little Mountain