Nelson Park

This 4 hectare district park can be accessed from Mari Street and Okinja Road. It provides great facilities, including barbecues, picnic tables and shelters as well as a fully fenced playground. Enjoy the the views of the magnificent swan sculptures and the local waterway.

Nelson Park at Alexandra Headland has a network of shaded pathways surrounding the lake, which is teaming with wildlife.  The playground is fully fenced and has many accessible play opportunities.

Play elements

  • Fort structure with a network of wheelchair accessible ramps weaving through the playground. It has many interactive play panels, musical equipment, slides, hammock, swings and talk tubes.
  • Swings – basket swing and traditional swings
  • Sand play table
  • Small boat and play hut.


  • Fully fenced play space (including picnic facilities)
  • Plenty of shade – with large shade sails, picnic shelters and mature trees.
  • Pathways and rubber softfall underneath some of the play elements – allowing wheelchair and pram access.
  • Barbecues, picnic tables, seating and drinking fountain
  • Parking and disabled parking.
  • Public amenities (directly outside the playground)
  • Wetland and lake.

Story seat

The park is also home to the bright and engaging Tiddalik the Frog Story Seat by Gregg Dreise.

Community garden

There is a local community garden located beside the play space.



between Mari Street and Okinja Road, Alexandra Headland