Kings Beach Park and Community Precinct

Located at the southern end of the Kings Beach Precinct, features the famous Bathing Pavilion, Amphitheatre and Fountain (water play). It also provides playgrounds, exercise equipment, public amenities and plenty of natural shade, open space and shelters with picnic facilities. Beach Access points 287 - 289. Off street parking provided.

Kings Beach Park and Community Precinct has so much to offer, including the popular spray water park (Kings Beach Fountain), multiple playgrounds, exercise equipment, an open and grassy area at the amphitheatre, Kings Beach Pool, picnic tables and natural shade scattered throughout the park.

This park is popular for events and ceremonies and it goes by many names - Bill Morton Memorial Park, Lions Park Kings Beach and Kings Beach Park (South) and (North) and or Kings Beach Pool. However we prefer the name Kings Beach Park and Community Precinct area. 

The park overlooks Kings Beach so why not take a refreshing dip in the ocean at the patrolled beach or stroll along Council’s stunning Coastal Pathway. Bring a picnic and enjoy the outlook or pop in and enjoy the local cafés and eateries.

There is also off street parking at the end of Levuka Avenue, at the Stage carpark off Burgress Street as well as parking at Kings Beach Headland carpark closest to the Fountain. 

Park areas / park facilities

  • Kings Beach Park (South) - located along Ormonde Terrace, this park is closest to the public showers and toilets, (also alongside the off street parking), is signed as Kings Beach Park (South). This area provides an exercise equipment node beside a playground with a climbing net. Further to the north end is an open grass area perfect for large events and family picnics with picnic tables and natural shade scattered throughout the park. The park also over look Kings Beach, so why not go for a dip.
  • Kings Beach Park (North) - also located along Ormonde Terrace, on the other side of the lifeguard building, the park continues and is signed as Kings Beach Park (North). This area also provides shelters with picnic tables, open grass areas, natural shade and a playground for younger children.
  • Kings Beach Bathing Pavilion - located beside the Kings Beach Pool and Caloundra (Mets) Surf Club. It was built in 1937 and refurbished in 2009. The bathing pavilion is heritage listed and still provides public amenities and a kiosk as it did in it's heyday. The Spanish Mission style architecture provides a hint of the Kings Beach history in an otherwise modern landscape.
  • Alexandra Park - located closest to the Kings Beach Stage carpark. It spans from Burgess Street and down to Ormonde Terrace. The well shaded park sits beside the Kings Beach open-air performance space / Amphitheatre.  The park has a half basketball court, with picnic shelters scattered around the park, and some barbecue facilities. It also has off street parking.
  • Kings Beach Amphitheatre - located between the Kings Beach Stage carpark and Esplanade Headland. It is a large grassed Amphitheatre area and stage. There is a fully fenced playground and public amenities located at the rear (ocean side) of the stage building. Large events are held here.  
  • Kings Beach Fountain - Located off the Esplanade Headland. This is a very popular spray and play water park for kids. It operates on timed bursts of natural sea water all year round from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.  

Other information

This ‘natural and unique’ part of the Sunshine Coast gained international recognition and has been awarded a Green Flag Award.

Kings Beach Park is a dog free zone - meaning that dogs are not permitted at anytime. See for more information.



Ormonde Terrace, Kings Beach