Jensen Park

This park has two sites. One located on June Street and along the Esplanade and the second on Bells Esplanade, connected with pedestrian bridge. This park packs in a lot. It has playgrounds, picnic areas, disc golf and open spaces as well as public amenities and off street car parking.

There are two locations to visit at Jensen Park. The first is located on the corner of Brooker Parade and June Street and along the Esplanade. This site features picnic shelters with barbecues under plenty of paperbark trees amongst open green spaces, a playground and public amenities building. It is a large leafy coastal park located next to the Diamond Head Boat Ramp. A great place to enjoy the fish you might have caught after a day on the water.

The second site is the newer more developed end, located across the pedestrian bridge and on Bells Esplanade. This park backs in a lot, from a variety of playgrounds, picnic facilities, kids windy bike track as well as an incredible disc golf area. There is also an off street car park provided here. (Majority of photographs shown on this site are of the second part). 


  • Picnic areas under shelters (includes barbecues)
  • Seating throughout the site
  • Range of play equipment for a variety of different age groups
  • Shade sails provided over play areas
  • Play area is partly fenced
  • Kid's bike track with arrows
  • Disk golf oval (includes instructional signage)
  • Large open space for kick and throw activities, as well as grassy mounds for interest
  • Gardens and landscaping throughout
  • Connected pedestrian pathways throughout the site
  • Connection bridge to the Coastal Pathway, to Golden Beach and to the other part of Jensen Park (near boat ramp)
  • Public amenity facilities
  • Bikes racks
  • Drinking fountain. 

Play elements

  • Swings - 1 x basket swing, 2 x traditional hard base swings
  • Spinning structures
  • Soft rubber surfacing with imbedded play elements (ensure shoes are worn because surfaces can get very hot) 
  • Slippery slide
  • Tunnels. 



First site - June Street and along the Esplanade. Second site - Bells Esplanade. Golden Beach