Sugar Bag Road Town Reserve (Recreation Reserve)

This park packs a lot in. The location forms the start of the extensive Sugar Bag Road Mountain Bike Trails. While also providing a pump track, a fully fenced playground, shelters with picnic facilities, a large open grassed area for community event gathering and kick and throw activities. There is also an onsite cafe and off street parking.


  • Mountain bike trailhead (including deco bike storage area alongside playground) 
  • Mountain bike trails - offering a number of trails for all abilities - each trail uses mountain biking classifications to determine user ability and trail structure. There are approximately 5 'easy', 6 'intermediate' and 4 'difficult-extreme' combinations. 
  • Pump track - with sandstone spectator seating
  • Playground - fully fenced with shade sails
  • Open grassed area for kick and throw activities, event gathering space
  • Shelters with barbecue facilities with tables and bench seats, drinking fountains
  • Café on site with sheltered tables and bench seating
  • Off street parking.

Council has worked in partnership with Caloundra Off Road Cycling Association Inc (CORCA) to improve the mountain bike trail network in the reserve. The partnership has allowed council to work with the riding community to ensure the network meets both international standards and is interesting and challenging to ride. With names such as Party Mix, Rocky Road, Golden Rough, Sour Power and Sugar Rush, there are trails for all rider levels.  Visit for further information.

The trails at Sugar Bag Road are just a short drive from Sunshine Coast beaches. It contains over 60 timber features with trails rating from green (beginner) to double black (only the very brave dare to ride these tracks. Check out the 6.4km mountain bike beginners loop via the Adventure Sunshine Coast page, which shows the trail map

You will also discover Sunshine Coast's first pump track here and it will get your heart pumping. It is great for all skill levels. Check out the Adventure Sunshine Coast page dedicated to this facility for site photos and detailed information about what you might expect.

Please use the trailhead sign on site, for trail guidance and trail code of conduct. The trail network is an unsupervised facility. Trails and features can be dangerous in any condition. So jump on your bike, tighten up your helmet and enjoy your ride. 



Sugar Bag Road, Caloundra West