Kuluin Neighbourhood Park

Kuluin Neighbourhood Park is a large 4.94 hectare park that provides a skate facility, fitness area and playground. There is also plenty of natural shade, a large open kick and throw area with connecting pathways around the entire park.

The Kuluin Neighborhood Park is a quiet recreational area with outdoor gym equipment, a playground and a skate facility. The exercise equipment area features callisthenics and strength training equipment for adults. The playground includes elements for a variety of age groups to enjoy. It is part shaded with shade sails. The large grassed area is great for kick and throw activities and also has some natural shade in parts. 

There is a long narrow water drain that travels along the entire southern side of the park. The open space area is circled by pedestrian connection pathways for easy access on foot or by bike. The pockets of remnant bushland on all sides of the park, create a noise barrier as well as a natural environment alongside a busy road corridor.

More information

Check out the Kuluin Skate Park page for more in details on what the facility can offer you. 



82 Tallow Wood Drive, Kuluin