Mooloolah Drive Park

The shaded linear park provides access to the river, a playground, barbecue and picnic facilities as well as an exercise area.

Mooloolah Drive Park is a linear park providing views of the river along the entire length as well as great access to the water (including a small sand beach area where you can dip your feet in).  The park has three access points, one at the Nicklin Road end, off Brisbane Road, one in the middle nearest to Jarrah Street and one at the eastern end, closest to Murrindi Street.

The park provides an exercise area node at the Nicklin Way end connected with pedestrian access pathways. There is a playground with picnic facilities, including seating and a barbecue at the eastern end. This area has shade sails over the playground as well as natural shade. Along the length of the park is a connection pathway with plenty of natural for sun protection on route.



Mooloolah Drive, Minyama