Mooloolah Recreation Reserve (Skate, Playground and Dog Park)

Mooloolah Recreation Reserve has play equipment, a skate park, shelter with barbecue facilities, cricket oval as well as a dog off leash area (unfenced) and pubic amenities. It is also home to the Mooloolah Pony Club.

Mooloolah Recreation Reserve has plenty to offer. It provides a playground and skate park in close proximity to one another. Both facilities share a large shelter with barbecue and picnic facilities. On the other side of the carpark area you'll find a large open space with a cricket pitch in the middle. The area is also used as an unfenced dog off leash area.

Visit the Mooloolah Sportsground Skate Park for more details about this facility. 

The reserve provides pubic amenities via an accessible pathway and is also home to the Mooloolah Pony Club.

Please note: Dogs are not permitted on the play / skate side of this park at any time. (Must stay at least 5 metres from any play or barbecue facility). 



Way Street Mooloolah Valley