Kings Beach Park
  • Last updated:
  • 27 Oct 2022

This park is popular for events and ceremonies and it goes by many names - Bill Morton Memorial Park, Lions Park Kings Beach and Kings Beach Park (South) and (North) and or Kings Beach Pool. However we prefer the name Kings Beach Park. This large park is popular for family gatherings and picnics with friends and best of all, it is right by the ocean. There is also off street parking at the end of Levuka Avenue.

The area closest to the public showers and toilets, (also alongside the off street parking), is signed as Kings Beach Park (South). This area provides an exercise equipment node beside a playground with a climbing net. Further to the north end is an open grass area perfect for large events and family picnics with picnic tables and natural shade scattered throughout the park. The park also over look Kings Beach, so why not go for a dip.  

Then on the other side of the lifeguard building, the park continues and is signed as Kings Beach Park (North). This area also provides shelters with picnic tables, open grass areas, natural shade and a playground for younger children.  


  • Playground
  • Exercise equipment
  • Drinking fountain
  • Picnic table
  • Shelter
  • Shower
  • Public amenities (toilets)
  • Dog free zone (no dogs)

Other useful information 

Access to Beach Access points 287 - 289. 

This park is a dog free zone. See for more information.


Levuka Avenue, Kings Beach

See the location of Kings Beach Park using the Beaches and Parks Directory Map for further information.