Canavan Gracie Recreational Park
  • Last updated:
  • 03 Aug 2021

This tear drop shaped parkland is 5 hectares of lakes, wetland and open space in the heart of Bellvista. On the east side of the park is the Bellvista Community Hall and car park, a fenced tennis court with a marked basketball half court, a cricket pitch and the playground . The full sized rugby goal posts on the south eastern side of the park are on a half sized pitch, spaced 50 metres apart.

This park is circled by a 1 kilometre pathway network which has 5 fitness stations located on the circuit. The exercise equipment includes  a stationary bike, bars, back curls, chin ups, sit up benches, horizontal/arm bars and a balance beam.  The playground has a climbing net and poles, spring toys and swings.

See the location of Canavan Gracie Recreational Park using the Beaches and Parks Directory Map for further information.


  • Playground
  • Cricket pitch
  • Basketball
  • Drinking fountain
  • Exercise equipment
  • Shelter
  • BBQ (Barbecue)
  • Picnic table


Lomond Crescent