Albany Lakes Park
  • Last updated:
  • 10 Aug 2021

Albany Lakes Park spans around the lakes. It provides a fantastic backdrop to mix nature with suburbia. The large park area provides a playground, exercise equipment (fitness station) with barbecue and picnic shelters scattered around the park. The park also provides plenty of natural shade, open grass areas and locations to enjoy the water and fauna that have made the lakes their home. 

Albany Lakes Park Stage 1 was completed August 2021. The works have transformed the open space into a much needed interactive space for children and parents to visit. The project has provided the community with a new larger playground, connection link pathway, new park furniture, garden beds along with clearing the old existing play area from under the bat roost. The project is the result of significant planning and design work across multiple teams which has produced an excellent community outcome that shapes this park into a valuable active space for many years to come. 

The completed work sets the platform to deliver Stage 2 coming soon, with the shade sail and fencing, along with a play tower, picnic shelter with barbecue as well as a drink fountain and services. 

See the location of Albany Lakes Park using the Beaches and Parks Directory Map for further information.


  • BBQ (Barbecue)
  • Playground
  • Exercise equipment
  • Shelter
  • Picnic table


Albany Street Sippy Downs

To hold an event in this park go to Application for Weddings, Ceremonies and Events or contact council for further information.