Peregian Ridges Sports Complex Playground and Skate Park
  • Last updated:
  • 25 Nov 2022

Peregian Ridges Sports Complex has a playground too. It is a small park packed with activities.

The park is located off to the side of the entrance to the Peregian Ridges Sports Complex field. It offers a playground with multiple structures to keep children between 4-10 years entertained. For the adults under plenty of natural shade, the park provides an exercise equipment node with several options to provide a balanced workout.  Closer to the entrance to the sports field, you'll discover a half basketball court as well as a skate park facility. 


  • Playground
  • Exercise equipment
  • Drinking fountain
  • BBQ (Barbecue)
  • Shelter
  • Basketball
  • Skate park


Ridgeview Drive, Peregian Springs

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