Nambour Quota Park - Skate Park and Youth Activity Precinct
  • Last updated:
  • 01 Dec 2022

A multi-functional activity centre, also known as Quota Memorial Park, caters for all ages – that’s what you’ll find in Nambour at the corner of Matthew and Ann Streets. The award winning skate park provides one of the best on the Sunshine Coast. The Youth Precinct also includes a basketball half-court, shade structures, terrace seating, pathways, shade trees, climbing structures, a fenced playground and community event spaces.

The park has recently undergone improvements and the capacity of the existing Quota Park has expanded. This expansion means that Quota Park is now a Sunshine Coast Wide Park.  Stage 1 (completed January 2022) development of the park included the following:

  • 600 metres of new pathways
  • 4700 m2 open turfed area 
  • 92 native shade trees 
  • 4429 native shrubs
  • two large turfed areas providing open spaces
  • exposed honed concrete stair case 
  • underground power and water infrastructure.

All of these aspects support the brilliant new dog off-leash area and recreational hub for Nambour. Check out Nambour Quota Park - Dog-off-leash Park for more information. Please ensure your dog remains 5 metres away from any barbecue and or playground facility for health and safety reasons at all times. Follow the onsite signage for further guidance of where you can take your dog.  


  • Drinking fountain
  • Public amenities (toilets)
  • Skate park
  • Basketball
  • Playground
  • Image
  • BBQ (Barbecue)
  • Memorial
  • Picnic table
  • Popular for events
  • Shelter
  • Dog off leash area (unfenced)

The skate park offers a variety of elements to be really creative. It includes banks, ledges, rails, kick up and downs, stairs, tight transitions with ledges. Overall the space flows well with minimal pushes required whilst offering varied arrangements for impressive maneuvers.  

Immediately adjacent to this facility is the enormous 35-tonne sculpture of a set of cogs and gears from the old Moreton Sugar Mill in Nambour. This is a proud piece of Nambour’s history that adds a very special element to the place and I’d like to thank Bundaberg Sugar for providing it.

It is also located along side the memorial space for veterans on Ann Street. This 'strip' is also referred to as Quota Memorial Park, has a number of popular features such as the memorial space for veterans with the Heroes walk and cenotaph and the Goong' Gai'Ba indigenous garden.  


Mathew Street / Anne Street, Nambour

See the location of Quota Memorial Park using the Beaches and Parks Directory Map for further information