Dicky Beach Skate Park Upgrade
  • Last updated:
  • 14 Oct 2019

Council sought community feedback on the design of the skate park at Dicky Beach


In 2016, council adopted the Dicky Beach Precinct Plan which includes the Dicky Beach Skate Park.

Community engagement

Council invited the community to have their say on the three proposed design options(External link) by participating in an online survey.
The survey closed on 14 June 2019. Option 1 was the preferred design.

Where to from here

Community feedback was used to determine a final design [hyperlink]. Construction is planned for 2021.
The program and scheduled funds are based on the 2018 approved 10 Year Capital Works Program and is subject to an annual budget approval which may result in change.


The Dicky Beach Precinct Plan (The Plan) was developed in response to the partial removal of the SS Dicky wreck in 2015. The Plan acknowledges and preserves the wreck's heritage values and significance as a cultural and iconic landmark, and includes open space, interpretive elements and a range of new and improved community facilities to help enhance the community’s use and experience of the area. The project is a multiple stage project which will occur over several years subject to available funding.


In 2016, council adopted the Dicky Beach Precinct Plan which was informed by the outcomes of previous community consultation. The plan’s key objectives included:

     • defining the long term vision for the foreshore.

    • developing the precinct's identity with reference to the SS Dicky.

    • maximising recreational, social, cultural and economic opportunities through more open and connected spaces.

    • incorporating interpretive initiatives that reference the SS Dicky along with the holiday making and recreational heritage of the site.

Since 2016, council has been finalising the design as well as securing funds for the project through its Capital Works Program. In 2017, council endorsed an update of the Sunshine Coast Skate and BMX Plan (2011-2021) which was also informed by outcomes of previous community consultation. The Skate and BMX Plan included several recommendations about the Dicky Beach Skate Park including:

    • undertaking future planning for an improved layout that integrated the park into surrounding open space.

    • consideration of allocating funds towards a new park at the end of the skate park’s lifespan and,

    • exploring other locations that may be suitable for the expansion of a district level skate park facility in the locality.

To ensure the best outcomes for the community, from late-2018 to early-2019, council considered these recommendations as part of a feasibility process including:

    • considering the outcomes of the project’s initial 2016 community consultation

    • reviewing the use and mix of facilities, amenities and recreation opportunities within the Dicky Beach Precinct

    • exploring potential alternative locations.

    • considering the project’s budget and site constraints.

The process determined that the skate park would be retained in Dicky Beach Park and upgraded, in line with the original Dicky Beach Precinct Plan design. All elements of the park, including the upgraded skate park, will be better incorporated with the surrounding park and facilities.

This will ensure Dicky Beach Park remains a destination park through the provision of a variety of recreation opportunities.


  • Public amenities (toilets)
  • Drinking fountain
  • Shelter
  • Skate park


Beerburrum Street, Dicky Beach