Palmwoods Sports Complex Master Plan

Council adopted the Palmwoods Sports Complex Master Plan 2013-2028 at its Ordinary Meeting on 31 January 2013.

The plan will assist the future development of sport and active recreation in Palmwoods and surrounding regions.


The purpose of the Palmwoods Sports Complex Master Plan is to provide a long term vision for the complex (2013-2028). The plan identifies what the complex should look like and how it should function into the future.

Key recommendations

The key recommendation of the Palmwoods Sports Complex Master Plan is to "create a premier destination sport and recreation precinct with a range of active and passive opportunities" including:

  • increasing capacity for users
  • improving management and tenure
  • locating the Palmwoods Cricket Club to the Palmwoods sport and recreation reserve - implemented
  • improved connectivity and parking access
  • introduction of recreational elements for the community
  • flexibility in design to adapt to any future changes in demand for playing fields.

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Where to from here

Council cannot finance all of the recommendations from the Palmwoods Sports Complex Master Plan 2013-2028. The adoption of the master plan provides council and stakeholders with a sound base to lobby the state and federal governments for funding. This will be conducted in partnership with the Palmwoods Sports Complex, user groups, the community and council.


Sporting facilities play an important role in the community. Master planning helps to provide infrastructure which reflects community need.

As a result, the Palmwoods Sports Complex Master Plan 2013-2028 will consider:

  • configuration, capacity, functionality and usage of the sites
  • character of the landscape
  • emerging trends and issues
  • catchment areas and population demographic demands (present and future)
  • car parking and traffic movement requirements
  • public expectations and needs.


The Palmwoods sports complex sites are located on a combination of state and local council-owned land. Approximately 9 hectares are occupied over three key sites. Clubs located at the sites include:

  • Nambour and Hinterland Australian Football Club
  • Palmwoods Warriors Football Club (Soccer)
  • Palmwoods Cricket Club
  • Palmwoods Tennis Club
  • Palmwoods Western Districts Junior Rugby League Football Club
  • Palmwoods Guides, and
  • Palmwoods Scouts.


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