Inter-Urban Break Outdoor Recreation Plan

The inter-urban break (IUB) outdoor recreation plan guides planning for recreation activities in the 63000 hectare area that overlaps the Sunshine Coast Council and Moreton Bay Regional Council areas.

The inter-urban break outdoor recreation plan (PDF, 31602KB) guides planning for recreation activities in this area.

The plan was developed in partnership by Sunshine Coast Council, HQPlantations, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Sport and Recreation Services Queensland and Moreton Bay Regional Council. It was partially funded by the Queensland Government's Department of Housing and Public Works - Sport and Recreation.


The plan provides public land managers with a guide to work together to protect the natural beauty of the landscape while supporting a range of recreational opportunities in suitable locations.

Protecting the inter-urban break is a transformation action (a main goal) of council's Environment and Liveability Strategy.


The IUB includes the iconic Glass House Mountains and scenic Ramsar-protected wetlands of the Pumicestone Passage. It also:

  • covers our forested and agricultural landscapes, which support a large number of land and water-based activities
  • includes large areas of public land which is mostly national park or state forest
  • has cultural and environmental significance
  • is important for tourism and for our economy.

It is one of the main areas people enjoy outdoor activities in South-East Queensland. People participate in many different types of recreation activities in this area, including:

  • bushwalking
  • climbing
  • four-wheel driving
  • mountain biking
  • fishing
  • trail bike riding.

You can view the plan (PDF, 31602KB) for a full list of recreation activities enjoyed in the area.

Many of these activities have different needs. Sometimes the community groups involved in these activities have different views on how the area should be used. The plan recognises that there are different views that need to be considered in managing recreation activities in this area.

Community engagement

Public consultation will continue to occur as projects are progressed in line with the plan.


For more information, contact council's open space and recreation planner on (07) 5441 8283.