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The plan will assist the future development of sport and active recreation in Glasshouse and the surrounding region.


The purpose of the Glasshouse Mountains Sports Complex Master Plan is to provide a long term vision (2012-2027) for the complex, identifying what it should look like and how it should function into the future.

Key recommendations

The key recommendation of the Glasshouse Mountains Sports Complex Master Plan is to 'create a premier destination sport and recreation precinct with a range of active and passive opportunities' by:

  • improving usability of site through better design and field surface drainage
  • increasing parking accessibility for users
  • improving connectivity throughout the site
  • introducing recreational elements for the community through proposed recreational park
  • ensuring flexibility in design to adapt to any future changes in sporting trends and demands
  • preserving and protecting existing natural areas with potential for including recreation trail network
  • providing developmental support to the Glasshouse Mountains Sports Club to ensure its long term viability
  • developing new sporting fields and supporting infrastructure at a time when demand exceeds capacity
  • installing bollards along Endeavour Bark Drive to prevent any informal parking adjacent to local residents.

View the report of the Glasshouse Mountains Sports Complex Master Plan (PDF, 1783KB).

Where to from here

Council does not have the capacity to solely finance the recommendations from the Glasshouse Mountains Sports Complex Master Plan 2012-2027. The adoption of the master plan provides council and stakeholders with a sound base to lobby the state and federal governments for funding. This will be conducted in partnership with the Glasshouse Mountains Sports Complex affiliate groups, the community and council.


Sporting facilities play a significant role in the region’s community infrastructure and social capital of the region's existing 320,000 local residents. It is important that council understands this role and develops site-specific master plans which reflect population growth demands and the changing needs of community and local sport and recreation users.

As a result, the Glasshouse Mountains Sports Complex Master Plan 2012-2027 will consider:

  • the functionality, configuration, usage and capacity of the sites
  • the current character and functionality of the landscape
  • needs across various sports and recreation uses, including current and future tenants
  • emerging trends and issues
  • priorities, levels of service and resources
  • catchment area and population demographic demands (present and future)
  • events and sport and recreation delivery
  • car parking and traffic movement/management requirements
  • community expectations and needs
  • economic, social, environmental and legislative contexts
  • alignment with council’s Sport and Active Recreation Plan 2011 - 2026 and Open Space Strategy 2011, and
  • relevant planning constraints and opportunities, including environmental, flood immunity, land zonings, development assessment requirements.


The Glasshouse Mountains Sports Complex precinct incorporating the recently acquired council land includes Lot No 86 CG 4976 CP 860399 (the existing Glasshouse Mountains Sports Complex comprising approximately 10 hectares). The complex accommodates netball, tennis, cricket, football and licensed clubs. Lot No 100 SP 175349 incorporates the recently acquired land (council as trustee) to the north east of the existing site and is approximately 19.0 hectares. However, of this total site a reduced area of 12.5 hectares will support future development due to environmental constraints within the remainder of the site. Both lots are the focus of the master plan and result in a total developable area of approximately 22.5 hectares.

The clubs located at the complex, include:

  • Beerwah Glasshouse United Soccer Club
  • Glasshouse Mountains Touch Association
  • Glasshouse Districts Cricket Club
  • Tibros Netball Club.


For more information, contact council.