Lower Order Unsealed Roads Upgrade Plan

Council adopted the Lower Order Unsealed Road Upgrade Plan 2016-2026 on 25 January 2017.

The Lower Order Unsealed Roads Upgrade Plan 2016-2026 sets out the warrants, geometric standards, prioritisation and funding mechanisms for the upgrading of the lower order unsealed roads.


View the Sunshine Coast Council Lower Order Roads Upgrade Plan 2016-2026 (PDF, 778KB).

Council continues to receive requests to upgrade roads from residents whose properties are accessed from unsealed roads. The requests arise from residents’ concerns regarding amenity issues, including dust nuisance and road surface condition.

The plan has been developed in response to these ongoing requests from residents.

The plan provides for lower order unsealed roads which carry traffic volumes of less than 150 vehicles per day. These roads, primarily provide access to properties, are typically cul-de-sacs, less than a 1km long and have little or no likelihood of future extension and/or increased traffic volume.

The plan provides the basis for council to assess and prioritise unsealed roads for upgrading, using available funding. There are a variety of funding methods available including:

  • entirely funded by residents
  • partially funded by residents with additional funding from councillor allocation, or
  • entirely funded by council.

The plan includes design guidelines to provide guidance for the design of appropriate ‘fit for purpose’ roads which are sound, safe, dust free and of a standard which meets the expectations of the affected residents and the needs of the projected future traffic.


Council recognises its responsibility to provide a road network which supports the sustainable and safe transport vision for the community.

Council needs to plan and manage development of the road network, while understanding the community’s concerns and recognising constraints and opportunities in meeting that vision.


For more information, please contact council - refer to the technical services Unit.