Sunshine Coast street tree master plan

Council adopted the street tree master plan at its Ordinary Meeting in June 2018.

Since adoption, council has been delivering the plan’s priority outcomes including a new program of proactive street tree planting and more intensive and extended young tree maintenance periods. Roll-out of another plan initiative, the first of many tree-mendous tree planting partnerships between council and community, the adopt a street tree program (PDF, 256KB), has also commenced.


The Sunshine Coast street tree master plan sets the direction for street tree planting in the Sunshine Coast Council area. It details why trees are so important, communicates the region’s street tree planting priorities and provides guidance for selection, placement and care of street trees. The plan outlines council's approach and commitment to not just sustaining, but enhancing the region's existing street tree canopy cover over time, by planting the right trees in the right locations and planting more of them.

View the street tree master plan – overview (PDF, 2144KB) for a snapshot of the plan.

Plan structure

The plan is presented in two parts:

The street tree master plan report (part A) (PDF, 9378KB): provides the plan’s technical and contextual background. This includes educational information describing the benefits of trees (PDF, 631KB), the relationship between trees and temperature (PDF, 222KB) and the role of trees in a changing climate (PDF, 239KB) (including discussion around why we must use a more diverse palette of street trees to future proof our street tree network).

For key plan outcomes and over-arching guidance for street tree planting, please see:

The street tree strategies (part B) (PDF, 14295KB): presents a series of local strategies identifying street tree planting opportunities in each of the Sunshine Coast Council region's 27 local plan areas (LPAs). These local strategies contain palettes of suitable street tree species specific to each LPA, encouraging a site responsive approach to tree species selection. These strategies are accompanied by maps showing canopy cover in each LPA and highlighting priority areas for street tree establishment. View the street tree strategy for your specific locality in the drop down below.

View the local street tree strategy for your area

Community engagement

Community engagement was undertaken in December 2017. Read what the community said (PDF, 96KB) and how this was used to help shape the final version of the plan.

Where to from here?

Mapping identifying priority planting sites for new street trees was developed with a 5-year timeframe for implementation in mind. Council will continue to deliver new tree plantings according to these maps until all of these sites have been planted, while also investigating new street tree sites as nominated by the community. Local street tree strategies will be revisited in 2023 when council’s wider street tree planting priorities will be reviewed and new priority street tree planting maps produced.

Tree-mendous tree partnerships

Council is looking for tree custodians who can partner with us to care for young street trees. If you would like to see more trees planted in your street or in a nearby location and can help care for these trees while they establish, we want to hear from you!

To register interest in council’s adopt a street tree program or tell us how you or your business wishes to partner with council to become a Sunshine Coast street tree champion please contact council’s street tree planting team at [email protected].

Adopt a street tree program


For more information, please contact council.