Nambour Showgrounds Master Plan

Council adopted the Nambour Showgrounds Master Plan 2023-2038 at its Ordinary Meeting on 16 November 2023.

The aim of the Nambour Showgrounds Master Plan is to ensure that the Showgrounds continue to be a vibrant and valuable asset for the community for many years to come. It will identify a clear direction on how the site will look and function in the future.

Key recommendations

The plan includes recommendations which aim to enhance the site by:

  1. Recommending a hybrid blend of sport, community and event use whereas the previous plan focused on increased events
  2. Identifying the site as the council-wide/regional equestrian centre
  3. Retaining cricket and tennis activities
  4. Retaining and upgrading the Main Pavilion rather than the demolition and rebuild of a new multi-use facility.

View the Nambour Showgrounds Master Plan:

The new master plan focuses on nine key outcomes. These are:

  1. Replace the stables and formalise parking in the equestrian and livestock area
  2. Formalise more on-site parking and consider additional off-site parking opportunities (for example, park and ride options)
  3. Retain the Main Pavilion with improvements and upgrades
  4. Facilitate expansion opportunities for the Lapidary club
  5. Consider enhancements to the Ray Grace Pavilion to improve functionality
  6. Undertake functional improvements in the Badminton hall
  7. Retain the old School building with modifications to attract additional use opportunities
  8. Plan for the Wallace and Nicklin buildings to be replaced
  9. Undertake maintenance and functional improvements on the J.D. Grimes Grandstand.

The Nambour Showgrounds Master Plan helps avoid ad-hoc development and enhances the use of the site. 

Where to from here

Council cannot finance the recommendations from the master plan alone. The adoption of the plan will provide a sound base to apply to state and federal governments for funding assistance. Council will seek this assistance together with relevant groups and the community.


The master plan sets a 15-year vision and series of actions for the site. It will ensure that community events, sports and recreation uses at the site best benefit the community.

Consultation with user groups, key stakeholders and the community has helped prepare the final master plan. 

Completed recommendations from the previous 2013-2023 Nambour Showgrounds Master Plan include:

  • main entry works
  • indoor arena upgrades
  • access, road and car parking improvements throughout the site
  • terracing and landscaping
  • new sheds
  • electrical and communication upgrades
  • internal directional signage improvements and
  • drainage upgrades throughout the site.


The Nambour Showgrounds is a large multi-purpose facility located on Coronation Avenue, Nambour. It houses over 28 clubs and organisations. The site is used for a range of recreational, sporting and community activities.

The showgrounds is also used for events and expos. Large events that happen annually at the showgrounds include Nambour Expo (formally called the South Queensland Caravan Camping Fishing 4x4 Expo), Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show, Queensland Garden Expo, Swap Meet and Sunshine Coast Caravan and Outdoor Expo.

The Nambour Showgrounds services the Sunshine Coast with:

  • a primary oval which has the second largest spectator stand on the coast
  • 2 secondary ovals
  • grandstand over looking the main oval with change rooms and dining hall
  • catering facilities
  • an equestrian node, which includes three arenas (one covered) and stabling facilities
  • badminton courts
  • tennis courts
  • meeting and function spaces.

As well as organised activities, the community also use the showgrounds informally.

  • pedestrians use the site each day
  • cyclists and runners train on the circuit road
  • learner drivers practice on the showgrounds road network.


For more information, contact council.