Unsealed Roads Upgrade Plan
  • Last updated:
  • 13 May 2021

Council adopted the Sunshine Coast Council Unsealed Roads Upgrade Plan 2015-2035[3381KB] on 28 February 2015.


The Unsealed Roads Upgrade Plan sets out the strategic planning for the upgrading of the unsealed road network and supports the Sunshine Coast Council Sustainable Transport Strategy 2011-2031.


View the Sunshine Coast Council Unsealed Roads Upgrade Plan 2015-2035[3381KB].

The community’s expectations regarding council’s road network are increasing.

Unsealed roads are often seen as unacceptable, due to concerns such as dust nuisance, corrugations, loose material, environmental issues and safety. There is also a perception that unsealed roads are more expensive to maintain as the surface needs regular ongoing maintenance.

The plan recognises these expectations and provides a process for determining the highest priority unsealed roads for upgrading, as well as a 20 year upgrade plan.

Council will review the priority list of unsealed roads and the 20 year indicative program annually. The first year of the program will be submitted for funding through the council budget process, as part of the capital works program. The following 19 years are indicative only and subject to confirmation each subsequent year.

The plan provides council and the community a strong indication on the status of individual roads and their likely timing for future full upgrading. View the approved Gravel Roads Network – 2019/20 indicative program[73KB]


Council recognises its responsibility to provide a road network which supports the sustainable and safe transport vision of the community.

In accordance with that responsibility, council needs to plan and manage the development of the road network, understanding the communities concerns and recognising the constraints and opportunities in meeting that vision.

The plan outlines some of the challenges and opportunities in upgrading the unsealed road component of the overall road network across the region which council is managing to progressively improve its road network.


For more information please contact council - refer to the Technical Services Unit.