Nambour Showgrounds Master Plan
  • Last updated:
  • 16 Jan 2023

The Nambour Showgrounds Master Plan 2013-2023 was adopted at council's Ordinary Meeting on 14 November 2013.


The purpose of the master plan is to provide a 10-year vision for the site. It will identify a clear direction on how the site will look and function in the future.

Key recommendations

The plan includes recommendations which aim to enhance the site’s:

  • economic development potential
  • value as a hub of community activity.

View the Nambour Showgrounds Master Plan:

In the long term, council sees the Nambour Showgrounds as an event-focussed facility, which also hosts a range of community and recreation uses. Key recommendations of the master plan include:

  • increasing and encouraging event activity through the showgrounds
  • keeping other community, sporting and event uses in a way that improves site functionality
  • investigation into developing a new multi-use facility to host events, functions and meetings
  • demolishing the Main Pavilion to create a green plaza space
  • improving equestrian areas
  • improving site access, car parking, and internal pedestrian and road networks
  • relocating cricket uses to another location (in the medium to long term). This is subject to funding and a suitable, alternate site
  • improving linkages with Crusher Park and Nambour town centre
  • adding extra outdoor display space.

The Nambour Showgrounds Master Plan helps avoid ad-hoc development and enhances the use of the site. Opportunities or circumstances may change over time, which could affect how design elements are prioritised.

Where to from here

Council cannot finance the recommendations from the master plan alone. The adoption of the plan will provide a sound base to apply to state and federal governments for funding assistance. Council will seek this assistance together with relevant groups and the community.


The master plan sets a ten-year vision and series of actions for the site. It will ensure that events and uses at the site best benefit the community.

Consultation with user groups, key stakeholders and the community has helped prepare the final master plan. The draft Nambour Showgrounds Master Plan was available for public comment during August 2013.

Consideration has also been given to:

  • what is currently happening on the site
  • the needs of the community
  • the wider surroundings
  • emerging trends and issues
  • social, environmental and economic considerations
  • planning constraints and opportunities.


The Nambour Showgrounds is a large multi-purpose facility located on Coronation Avenue, Nambour. It houses over 28 clubs and organisations. The site is used for a range of recreational, sporting and community activities.

The Showgrounds is also used for events and expos. Large events that happen annually at the showgrounds include Nambour Expo (formally called the South Queensland Caravan Camping Fishing 4x4 Expo), Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show, Queensland Garden Expo, Swap Meet and Sunshine Coast Caravan and Outdoor Expo.

The Nambour Showgrounds services the Sunshine Coast with:

  • a primary oval which has the second largest spectator stand on the Coast
  • two secondary ovals
  • grandstand over looking the main oval with change rooms and dining hall
  • catering facilities
  • an equestrian node, which includes three arenas (one covered) and stabling facilities
  • badminton courts
  • tennis courts
  • meeting and function spaces.

As well as organised activities, the community also use the showgrounds informally.

  • Pedestrians use the site each day
  • Cyclists and runners train on the circuit road
  • Learner drivers practice on the showgrounds road network.

Master Plan projects delivered

  • staged electrical upgrades
  • levelling of green space to create functional multipurpose areas
  • roof extension to indoor equestrian arena
  • ovals 2 and 3 drainage
  • main entry upgrade
  • terracing adjacent to Trade Area to create functional multipurpose space
  • Crusher Park Road entry upgrade
  • Cattlemen's Road upgrade
  • Sports Parade upgrade
  • Rodeo Arena light upgrade
  • various drainage improvements
  • established a drop off zone for buses at the intersection of Cattleman's Drive and Exhibition Street
  • formalised parking area in front of the Poultry Pavilion.


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