Honey Farm Road Sport and Recreation Precinct Master Plan
  • Last updated:
  • 31 Aug 2021

The Honey Farm Sport and Recreation Precinct Master Plan was adopted at council’s Ordinary Meeting on 25 March 2021.


This is one of many projects council is delivering in-line with the Environment and Liveability Strategy, which provides long-term direction to guide growth and shape the future of our healthy, smart and creative region.

The master plan will guide the development of formal and informal sport, leisure and recreation activities, catering for current and future growth and trends in sport and recreation activities. Development will be staged in-line with budget availability.

This facility will encourage the community to be involved in active sports, outdoor recreation, healthy living and community events.

Key recommendations

The master plan includes:

  • formal and informal sport
  • turf and hard court playing surfaces
  • new recreation and event spaces
  • youth play spaces
  • running, walking, nature and cycling trails

View the Honey Farm Sport and Recreation Precinct Master Plan:
Honey Farm Sport and Recreation Precinct Master Plan


Sport and recreation facilities play an important role in our local community. Master planning helps to provide infrastructure which reflects community need and avoids ad hoc development over time.

The preferred precinct layout has been determined which includes the following elements:

  • rectangular fields (full size football)
  • ovals (full size cricket with eight turf pitches) and cricket practice nets
  • shared fields (rectangular fields with one oval overlay)
  • shared clubhouse
  • a 1.8km criterium track with two smaller loops
  • hardcourt precinct
  • indoor sport and recreation centre
  • youth activity area / plaza (bike, skate, ninja / parkour, climbing wall)
  • children’s playground (all ability) adjoining a nature play area and open space
  • open space / event space including fitness trails
  • wetlands / water bodies with nature trails
  • area for disc golf course
  • dog off-leash park.

Where to from here

Council does not have the capacity to solely finance the recommendations from Honey Farm Sport and Recreation Precinct Master Plan. The adoption of the master plan provides council and stakeholders with a sound base to apply for state and federal governments for funding. This will be conducted in partnership with the precincts sport and recreation groups, the community and council.


The 75 hectare site was purchased by council in 2011 to provide long term sport and recreation opportunities in the southern end of our region.

The site is located north of Caloundra Road opposite the Sunshine Coast Turf Club. It has frontages to Honey Farm and Sattler Roads. The project locality plan[2479KB] provides an overview of the area.


For more information, please contact council’s project officer at or on (07) 5475 7272