Sunshine Coast Recreation Trail Plan 2012
  • Last updated:
  • 31 Aug 2021

Council adopted the Sunshine Coast Recreation Trail Plan 2012 on 31 January 2012.


The Sunshine Coast Recreation Trail Plan 2012 provides a vision for recreation trails on the Sunshine Coast, includes a network blueprint prioritising upgrades to existing trails, and proposes new trails and areas for further investigation. Council adopted the plan to guide the future development of a recreational trail network across the Sunshine Coast.


The Sunshine Coast Recreation Trail Plan 2012 is council's principal document to:

  • guide decision-making with respect to trail development for the next ten years
  • evaluate the existing trail network
  • inform council's planning including the planning scheme, strategic documents, funding allocations and operational activity.

The plan focuses on the council-managed recreation trails, but proposes partnerships with other network managers such as National Parks.

The plan considers recreation trails in natural and urban areas.

Community engagement

The draft Sunshine Coast Recreation Trail Plan was available for public comment in 2011 and the submission period closed 12 December 2011.


The Recreation Trail Plan 2012 was an action of the Sunshine Coast Open Space Strategy 2011 and was developed through a series of community workshops, a strategic discussion forum and internal consultation with councillors and staff. The process was supported by the Recreation Trail Reference Group.


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