Maleny Community Precinct
  • Last updated:
  • 06 Jun 2019

At its Ordinary Meeting on 10 June 2010, council endorsed the Maleny Community Precinct Final Master Plan[PDF 4MB].

Vision statement

The Maleny Community Precinct (MCP) will be a place for the whole community to enjoy.

It will become a unique sustainable community precinct of regional significance nestled in the hills of Maleny providing recreational, sporting, cultural, educational and ecological experiences.

Community facilities will mix seamlessly with the preservation and rehabilitation of environmental and historical areas of regional and state significance.

Defined by the Obi Obi Creek and Blackall Range, the MCP will establish a best practice precedence of sustainable development for a community facility in South East Queensland and will reflect Sunshine Coast Regional Council’s intent of becoming the ‘most sustainable region in Australia – vibrant, green and diverse’.

The beginning

The MCP Master Plan set out to create a culmination of many years of community and council collaboration, providing community-use facilities on 126 hectares of former agricultural land, into the following sub-precincts

Community engagement

As part of the community engagement process, council established the Maleny Community Precinct Advisory Committee, which ran from February 2011 to November 2014. This committee, working with the divisional councillor and council staff, helped guide the way through the implementation of the master plan.

Achievements to date

Heritage sub-precinct:

  • Listed Heritage site – 'Fairview'.
  • Pattemore House, constructed in 1907 from white beech grown and pit-sawn on the property, located on Pattemore’s property, Porter’s Lane Maleny.
  • Friends of Pattemore House group has a Memorandum of Understanding with council to restore and conserve the site.
  • Access road and car park completed November 2012.
  • House repairs completed in December 2013.
  • Conservation management plans for house and gardens have been completed and adopted by council in 2014.
  • Amenities facility to be completed by June 2015.
  • Community Lease awarded to the Friends of Pattemore House in 2015.

Environmental education and landcare

  • Barung Landcare aspires to establish a permanent site for an education and resource centre and retail nursery on site.
  • Currently Barung operates a small temporary retail nursery adjacent on Porters Lane.
  • Currently investigating relocation to a new site previously identified for the aquatic centre.
  • Active participant in the environmental development on the MCP.

Golf course

  • Maleny Golf Club[ is now open with a nine-hole course proving to be a great addition to the region’s sporting facilities.
  • The golf club received an approved development application in 2013 and operational works permit for a nine-hole golf course in 2014.
  • Community lease approved in 2014 for a 10-year term and the course was officially opened by Mayor Mark Jamieson in June 2015.
  • Council granted $450,000 to assist in the initial development of the course.
  • The golf club provided the balance from pledges, donations, fund-raising, volunteer labour, machinery and professional services.

Sport and recreation

  • In February 2012 Maleny District Sport and Recreation Club Inc. (MDSRC) advised the Precinct Advisory Group of the need to expand the scope of planning and consider all facilities in Maleny and Witta. This could result in a re organised consolidated Equestrian group relocating to the Precinct.
  • Agreement to Lease with MDSRC signed April 2012.
  • MDSRC submitted a business case to council in March 2013 based on the development of an equestrian facility on the precinct.
  • MDSRC made application for a lease in 2014 and received endorsement March 2015.
  • 2014 MDSRC received a $80,000 grant from Round 1 of the Queensland Anzac Centenary Grants Program. Some of these funds will be directed to building a joint clubhouse facility.
  • Future funding is expected to be sought from club membership, public event fund raising and grant applications.
  • Parkway Drive and access to the site will be constructed in the latter part of 2015.

Community facility including aquatic centre

  • Maleny Aquatic Centre Feasibility Study completed in 2013.
  • March 2013 – Council resolved not to proceed within Maleny Community Precinct.
  • Currently investigating upgrade of existing facilities within the Maleny State School grounds.

Ecological parkland

  • Unitywater Lease established, covering 29 hectares: revegetation and establishment of Northern Wetland area.
  • Establishment of three kilometres of pathways within lease area by Unitywater with ongoing tree plantings in conjunction with Green Hills Fund, Barung Landcare, and community groups including local schools.
  • Pipeline and irrigation system completed construction in 2014.

Environmental protection areas including walkways

  • Southern Wetlands – planting currently being reviewed in and around the wetlands, consistent with the McGarry Eadie Management Plan.
  • Riparian Planting – Green Hills Fund was awarded with a $175,000 biodiversity funding agreement with the Australian Government, to carry out planting in the riparian areas along Obi Obi Creek in 2013, completed December 2014.
  • Barung Landcare, Lake Baroon Catchment Care and many volunteers assisted in this work. Also part of the works carried out to date was the removal of the large area of pines – supervised by council – and was a significant achievement for the ecological parklands.
  • Council has a MOU with Green Hills Fund to carry out some of this work. At recent discussions between council and Green Hills Fund management, it was agreed that this MOU stands and council trusts that Green Hills will keep moving on with the plantings and reforestation of the riparian and buffer areas in and around the Obi Obi Creek. Council also contributed an additional $54,000 for plantings on the precinct.
  • Southern Wetland Crossing completed August 2013.
  • Stage 1 of Trail – Fairview to Bails was completed early in 2014.
  • Riverside Centre Boardwalk completed in early 2015 and Reynolds Boardwalk completed in May 2015.
  • The Maleny Trail from the Riverside Boardwalk through the precinct to Fairview was officially opened in July 2015.
  • Access to Gardners Falls will be staged at a later date.

Residential precinct

  • Obi Lane site subdivided into two allotments and put to auction Feb 2013.
  • Both sites sold in 2013 and partially funded the golf course construction grant.
  • North Maleny site is currently under subdivision into 4 lots and will be marketed in 2015.
  • Western area of approximately 35 (low density) lots is currently on hold.
  • South-western area of approximately 11 (medium density) lots also on hold.


For more information, please contact the Maleny Community Precinct Project Director via council's customer service centre.