Sunshine Coast Cemetery Plan
  • Last updated:
  • 17 Jul 2019

Council adopted the Sunshine Coast Cemetery Plan 2012-2027 at its Ordinary Meeting on 26 July 2012.


Council operates the 16 cemeteries located on the Sunshine Coast. These cemeteries provide an essential community service for the region. Council has prepared the Sunshine Coast Cemetery Plan 2012-2027 to enhance this service into the future.


The Sunshine Coast Cemetery Plan 2012-2027 guides managing, operating and planning for the region’s cemeteries over the next 15 years:

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The plan introduces four key strategies to guide the future of council’s cemeteries:

  1. Ensure that council is responsive to change, and maintains sufficient land and facilities to meet the current and future needs of the region.
  2. Maintain and improve cemetery facilities as an essential community service, and enhance the cultural value, community awareness and benefits of cemetery services and facilities.
  3. Investigate and implement efficiency targets.
  4. Take advantage of opportunities to advance cemetery services.

The Sunshine Coast Cemetery Plan 2012-2027 contains a 15-year action plan to achieve these strategies.


For more information, contact Cemetery Services on (07) 5459 2300 or email