Caloundra Transport Corridor Upgrade Project
  • Last updated:
  • 02 Nov 2021

As part of a major transport infrastructure investment into the future of Caloundra’s lifestyle and economic development needs, Sunshine Coast Council – in partnership with the Queensland Government and the Australian Government – will deliver a new transport corridor, as part of the Caloundra Transport Corridor Upgrade(CTCU). The new upgrades will improve connectivity and travel choice and will connect the CBD and Omrah Avenue to Nicklin Way, north of the Caloundra Road roundabout. 

Omrah Avenue to Nicklin Way upgrade

Project scope

The upgrade is a high priority project for improving access into the Caloundra CBD and surrounding destinations. The 1.6 kilometre upgrade will run between Omrah Avenue and Nicklin Way, reducing congestion and improving travel times on existing roads, including at the Caloundra Road / Nicklin Way roundabout, making it easier to travel into and out of Caloundra.

This project is also consistent with the community’s vision to get people out of cars and into more sustainable modes of transport, including walking and cycling. Without this upgrade, travel time, traffic congestion and access for active and public transport in Caloundra will continue to get worse as our community grows.

Watch the video below to view the transport modelling showing traffic issues if the project is not delivered.

Construction stages

The new transport upgrade is made up of two sections nominated as Section 1 and Section 2.

Section 1 – between Omrah Avenue and Arthur Street is part of the Caloundra Transport Corridor Upgrade and will be delivered and funded by council to meet local growth and community needs.

Section 1 will include:

  • Duplicating existing traffic lanes to provide two lanes in each direction on Oval Avenue and Third Avenue
  • Connecting Oval Avenue with Omrah Avenue
  • Building a two-way cycle track and pedestrian pathways
  • Upgrading the following intersections to traffic signals to improve safety and traffic operations:
    • Bowman Road/Gosling Street
    • First Avenue/Oval Avenue
    • Third Avenue/Oval Avenue
    • Arthur Street/Third Avenue
  • Making changes to traffic movements at the following locations:
    • First Avenue, Second Avenue and Third Avenue intersections with Oval Avenue
    • Nicholls Street and Gosling Street intersection
    • Suller Street, Cowan Street and Omrah Avenue intersections with Bowman Road
  • Installing new street lighting and landscaping.

Section 2 - Arthur Street and Nicklin Way (referred to as the Nicklin Way/Third Avenue extension) is part of the CTCU and is jointly funded by council, the Queensland Government and the Australian Government.

Section 2 will include:

  • Extension of Third Avenue from Arthur Street to Nicklin Way including a two-way cycle track and pedestrian pathway
  • Connection of Industrial Avenue to Nicklin Way
  • A new signalised intersection on Nicklin Way
  • New street lighting and landscaping.

This section will provide an important new connection to central Caloundra, further improving accessibility, safety and connectivity for the region.

The Queensland Government Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is working closely with council to deliver this section in co-ordination with Section 1.

See the concept design[14782KB] for the Caloundra Transport Corridor Upgrade and watch the transport modelling fly through below which shows the benefits of the project. This concept layout is subject to change in the detailed design phase of the project with consideration of construction staging.

Active transport

  • This upgrade aligns with the Sunshine Coast Active Transport Plan 2010-2031.
  • Active transport helps deliver improved mobility, safer streets, healthier residents and reduced impact on global climate, all resulting in a world-class quality of life.
  • In-line with this vision, the upgrade will deliver:
    • over 1.6kilometre of two-way cycle track that creates a direct, pleasant and safe cycling environment to and from Caloundra’s city centre for all levels of cyclists.
    • signalised crossing facilities at six locations along the corridor improves the safety and amenity provided to pedestrians and cyclists.
    • significantly improved community connectivity and safety by providing a safe crossing of Nicklin Way for pedestrians and cyclists mid-way between Queen Street and Caloundra Road.
    • significant landscaping to improve the corridor’s amenity and create a more enjoyable outdoor experience particularly for pedestrians and cyclists.

Where to from here

Council resolved to commence purchasing land for the transport corridor at the Ordinary Meeting held on 31 January 2019. Council began contacting property owners affected by the project, with letters to relevant land owners, in February 2019. Council has been liaising with directly impacted property and business owners during the planning and development phase and will continue to do so throughout the project.

The CTCU is a multi-stage project to be delivered over a number of years with a proposed timeline* as follows:

  • 2021 – Complete concept design and detailed investigations for section 1 and 2
  • Late 2022 – Complete detailed design for section 1 and 2
  • 2023 to 2024 – Construction of section 1 and 2
  • Late 2024 – Completion and opening of the new transport corridor.

More detailed construction timeframes and information will be provided closer to the works commencing.

Download an infographic of the project timeline[2114KB].

*Weather and site conditions permitting.

Community engagement

In 2013, council completed the Caloundra Area Transport Study. The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) worked with council on the study. Several transport corridors were assessed in the need to address transport challenges accessing Caloundra. The study included community consultation and engagement on potential transport options.

Council progressed the planning for the preferred transport corridor upgrades in the:

Both plans included community consultation and stakeholder engagement. Council completed a transport corridor options analysis study in 2018. The Caloundra Transport Corridor Upgrade was selected to progress. See the Transport corridor alignment map[994KB].

From August to October 2021, the community had the opportunity to view the CTCU design, speak with the project team, and provide any additional information, such as access requirements, that may be useful prior to and during upcoming phases of the project including construction.

Project news and updates

Keep up to date on the project as it progresses through the construction notifications and plan updates. You can also read through the frequently asked questions for more information.

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