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The coastal pathway is one of many recreational infrastructure projects delivered by Council to help the Sunshine Coast community achieve a healthy, active and sustainable lifestyle.

The coastal pathway linear open space master plan was adopted at Council’s ordinary meeting 7 December 2017 and aims to guide council in expanding on existing pathways to improve access to these iconic views, beaches and parks.

The Warana Coastal Pathway is one section of a 73km long route from Bells Creek in the south to Coolum in the north.

The coastal pathway is a multiple stage project which will occur over several years subject to available funding.

Aerial view of the 3m-wide coastal pathway.
Stage 1 section between Minkara to Lingura Street.
Stage 2 section of the raised boardwalk through the wetlands.
Shelter to enjoy the coastal views.

Project scope

The coastal pathway is Council’s longest shared pathway and connecting communities, beaches, parks and open space areas. People can explore the coast’s natural beauty, services and businesses by walking, jogging or cycling.

The pathway plan aims to:

  • provide a safe and enjoyable multi-use pathway suitable for all pedestrian ages and abilities
  • improve connectivity and access to iconic views
  • support a healthy, active and sustainable lifestyle
  • promote walk-able neighbourhoods
  • provide an attractive continuous connected experience for locals and visitors.

Project update

The Warana coastal pathway has been constructed in stages with Stage 1 through to 3 complete and open to the community to enjoy. Stage 4 is currently under construction. 

The Warana Coastal Pathway project is proudly supported by the Queensland Government's Cycle Network Local Government Grants Program.

Stage 1 - OPEN - Beach Access 236 (Minkara St) to BA 235 (Langura St)

This section of pathway was reconstructed to be 3m wide and accessible for all users. It’s great for bike riders, enjoying a scenic stroll with family and friends or tackling a cardio-boosting run.

Stage 2 - OPEN - Beach Access 235 (Langura St) to Palkana Park (BA 234) 

Users can experience the wonder of travelling through a seasonal tea tree wetland. The section offers a chance for the users to walk, run or ride through and hear the site come to life during frog mating season or explode with butterflies at various times in the year. The stage consists of over 100m of raised boardwalk linking the coastal path to the north and south.

Stage 3 - OPEN - Palkana Park (BA 234) to Beach Access 233 (Coonang Cres)

This section of 3m-wide pathway connects users to the beaches, parks and open spaces and provides people with the opportunity to explore the coast’s natural beauty.

Stage 4 - UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Beach Access 233 (Coonang Cres) to BA 229 (Koorin Drive and Pike Park)

The works include a kilometre long, 3m-wide, concrete coastal pathway with accessibility access, beach showers, new seats, bike racks and more.

As the pathway construction progresses past beach access points, these areas will be temporarily reopened for the convenience of our community.  The intersections will still need to be sandblasted, which will provide a decorative finish to the concrete. The sandblasting cannot occur until a minimum of 28 days after the intersections have been poured and at that time the beach access points will be temporarily closed once again for a short period to permit these works. Please continue to observe the signs at each beach access point for details of all open access areas.

Works started 19 February and are expected to be completed by August 2024, weather permitting.

Stage 4 section of Coastal Pathway under construction.

Bush regeneration

As part of the project scope for this stage of the coastal pathway, council recognises the importance of ongoing bush regeneration efforts to control invasive species and promote restoring remnant vegetation communities.

Invasive species have had a major impact to this area of the bushland reserve and the project team has been undertaking pre-construction controls and clearing over 12 months before site construction was scheduled to commence.

Post pathway construction, the bush revegetation is ongoing and a critical part of providing a positive experience for the end user.

The project team is communicating with directly affected residents and businesses. 

Read more detail on the revegetation species.  

Community engagement

Between 21 November to 28 February 2017, Council undertook a community consultation process for the draft coastal pathway master plan. More than 2000 submissions were received from the community. 

The consultation process and summary of key findings can be viewed on the coastal pathway linear open space master plan community consultation summary report (PDF, 8.69MB).

Project News 

Keep up to date on the project as it progresses:


For more information, please contact council and reference the 'Warana coastal pathway'.