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Moffat Beach seawall repair project

The Moffat Beach seawall will be repaired following the severe weather in February 2022 and March 2024.

An investigation found that about 80m of the Moffat Beach seawall had been damaged during February 2022’s severe weather event.

Council temporarily fixed the wall in April 2022 (see background) and is now planning a permanent solution.

Project scope

The new wall will end up looking similar to the existing wall but it will be wider, with a gentler slope.

This will enable it to continue playing its vital role protecting the Moffat Beach community parklands, paths, roads and facilities from future climate change impacts.

Where: approximately 80m section in front of Seaview Terrace carpark.

What: some of the details are still to be confirmed as the seawall design is finalised.

  • seawall repaired and strengthened
  • rebuild the beach access 274 timber staircase in the style of the old staircase with timber treads and balustrades and a durable, recyclable aluminium frame
  • reinstate the beach shower
  • remove damaged concrete vehicle access ramp
  • relocate (exact location to be confirmed) the vehicle access ramp so Council can continue to maintain Tooway Creek and the beach. The new ramp will be a gentler slope and be available for the community to use.
  • some changes to landscaping in the area of the seawall (still to be confirmed).

Project funding

The project will be funded with $1.6 million from the Queensland Reconstruction Authority under a Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangement agreement.

Where to from here

  • Late 2023 – early 2024 – seawall design underway by independent expert coastal engineers. Site surveys and geotechnical assessments are complete.
  • Early to late 2024 – Queensland Government approvals
  • Late 2024 – tender process
  • March 2025 – construction begins, weather and site conditions permitting.

More damage to the Moffat Beach Seawall – March 2024

The ongoing rain the Sunshine Coast has experienced over the past few weeks, combined with some significant beach erosion has resulted in damage to another section of the Moffat Beach Seawall.

Rocks can fall onto the beach at any time. Please stay clear.

Project scope

Cracks have appeared at the top of the wall, rocks have become displaced and some sections are beginning to subside.

Independent geotechnical and coastal engineers are being engaged to assess the damage and recommended solutions.

Project update

Rock falls

There is a significant risk of the wall deteriorating further and if that occurs, rock falls are highly likely.

The rocks can fall onto the beach at any time, and fairly quickly – within about 10-20 seconds – which means that anyone standing at the base of the rock wall will be injured.

Your safety

Beach access, chairs and tables remain open however we strongly urge you to not walk along the beach near the wall, or climb on the wall in any area.

We’ve fenced off the affected area and urge you to follow signage for your own safety. The beach to the north of the seawall can still be accessed via Eleanor Shipley Park.

Stay behind the yellow line when visiting Moffat Beach.

Stay behind the yellow line when visiting Moffat Beach.

Repair timeframe

Temporary repair work will take place within the next few weeks while we work on a longer-term plan to stabilise the wall. 

The safety signage and fencing will remain in place for the time being.


Cracked and damaged seawall – March 2022

Temporary work to fix the seawall in April 2022

The Moffat Beach seawall was damaged during February 2022’s severe weather event. An investigation found that about 80m of seawall had been damaged, which included slumping of a 30m section of the wall and cracking in other areas.

The repair work aimed to prevent the crack expanding and the seawall failing further. It included closing the beach access ramps and stair access, which were damaged beyond repair and need to be rebuilt. And the unfortunate removal of two Norfolk pine trees. The repair work was funded from the Australian Government Disaster Recovery Fund.

The beach access ramp and nearby beach stairs were also within the failure area of the wall and were closed due to the safety risk to our community. A temporary beach access was created in December 2022 to the north of the seawall to allow additional access for beach users. Temporary showers and park furniture were also installed in the park area until the repair works can be completed.

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Further information

For further information about this project please contact Council and state project number K3418 Moffat Beach seawall repair project.